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18 Harrison . . .     by Guest Contributor

18 Harrison
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Guest contribution by Connor McNicholas

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  1. I really don’t want to be mean, but I just don’t get it. This image looks like it was shot from a train by accident. What is it in this image that makes it f any value or recommendation as fine art?

  2. We’ve all heard the phrase “art is subjective”, and I know there’s some truth to that. I find certain pieces appealing that others don’t, and others find certain pieces appealing that I don’t.

    For me, this photo is an interesting one because it certainly could be just a lucky random snapshot. But I also see some basic elements of composition, flow, contrasting elements, negative space, balance, chaos, order, etc. It’s a very busy scene, but I think it works well to describe the environment. If it were just a snapshot, what are the chances that the photo is not tilted and the skyline is not cropped? And even if some amount of post processing was used to accomplish the final image, doesn’t that imply that some amount of thought and effort was put into it?

    Essentially, I find it appealing because of how busy and seemingly chaotic is looks. There’s a lot of stuff in there to explore with your eyes. But — to each his own!


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