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Pre-Dawn Bike . . .     by Andreas Manessinger

Pre-Dawn Bike
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At times I like to shoot in B&W in a completely careless and reckless way. I set my Nikon D300 to ISO 6400, the highest ISO, turn it to a B&W preset and shoot RAW + JPEG. The JPEGs will be B&W, the RAW will still have all the color information, but when I do so, I don’t miss color. I wouldn’t have missed it with a roll of B&W film loaded either. I simply go out and shoot, forget about ISO and technical image quality. I am at the lowest level, it can’t get any worse. I shrug, see, compose and shoot some pictures.

And then there are times when I do come back, do try a color version. Earlier, before I had bought DxO Optics Pro, I would have considered ISO 6400 unusable, at least with my camera, but now color is an option as well. This is the color version of an image that I have published on my blog as original B&W JPEG, straight out of the camera. The conversion result from DxO with the High ISO preset was a tad too smooth for my taste, had lost too much of the fine texture, and therefore I have overlaid the original JPEG in luminance mode, but with reduced opacity.

With the last update of DxO I got another trial period of their film pack, and this is Kodak Ektachrome 64. Not that I could tell, but while I browsed through the various film presets, this combination of colors and tonal values looked fine to me.

Signed prints available for $490 USD.

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