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At The Break Of Day . . .     by Andreas Manessinger

An image of a café on the streets of Vienna, Austria, lit by the light of the early sun.
© 2009 Andreas Manessinger. All Rights Reserved (see policies). Contact for Use.

A certain project forced me to go to work earlier than usual. In fact, “usual” meant “as late as possible”. My involvement with that project is past now, but I still go to work early … and I enjoy it wildly.

It is incredibly beautiful to be out on the streets almost alone, to hear the birds and to see the sun come up.

This image was shot with a fisheye lens and then the distortions partially corrected with Fisheye-Hemi, a Photoshop plugin that makes verticals straight, but keeps the horizontals, uhhh, fishy :)

Signed prints available for $490 USD.

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  1. Great shot, Andreas — the fisheye / Hemi combination really gives it an interesting off-kilter feel…

  2. I really like the fish-eye affect on this image. The perspective draws my eyes in and around the image. It makes me feel as if I were lost on this street trying to find out where to go next.

  3. I love the panoramic feel to this photograph. It reminds me of a Garry Winnogrand photograph with the strong lighting from the sun coming through the city scape. The colors of orange from the sun and the colors of the furniture help to tie everything together. Good experimentation with the fisheye effects.

  4. Winogrand? Wow, that’s shooting high, but thank you anyway :)

  5. Great photo, I love the perspective on this image. In a way the distortion gives it a heightened sense of realism, I almost want to sit down on the chair.

  6. Thanks. As to sitting down: You’re welcome :D


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