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Young Girl’s Heart . . .     by Andrew Gibson

Young Girl's Heart
© 2008 Andrew Gibson. All Rights Reserved (see policies). Contact for Use.

A young girl wearing a white dress stands in a field, holding a heart shaped balloon that floats in the warm air, gazing confidently at the camera. One can almost feel a warm summer breeze and the gentle sun, hear birdsong, smell the fresh grass and verdant trees.

This beautiful, subtle sepia toned black and white photo captures the freedom of summer and the passion and promise of youth. It was shot just a few weeks ago but it could just as easily been taken fifty or a hundred years ago.

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    Another travelled day
    Many now have I seen
    Travelling many miles in my mind
    Yet nowhere have I been
    Wrestling with myself
    Day in and day out
    Waiting for some divine inspiration
    I could shout
    But who would hear me
    When innocent children can’t be heard
    So I speak to you not with a conceited voice
    But with love shinning from my words
    I can no longer beguile you
    I now abide in some greater place
    My words may not be as pretty as a smile
    But they are my face
    And you will clearly see me
    in no matter what time it is you live
    Just try to understand the love
    My pen does give
    Worry not on death
    Death is just absurd
    There are innocent children suffering all around you
    That can’t be heard



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