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Handmade Stirrup, San Antonio de Areco, Argentina . . .     by Andrew Gibson

Handmade Stirrup, San Antonio de Areco, Argentina
© 2008 Andrew Gibson. All Rights Reserved (see policies). Contact for Use.

San Antonio de Areco is a small town in Buenos Aires Province, Argentina, famous for it’s colonial buildings and gauchos (Argentine cowboys of the pampa).

Every Friday afternoon, a group of gauchos attend a fogón by the river that runs through the north end of the town. A fogón is a meeting, a time and a place where the gauchos can relax and chat with each other, have lunch and a drink and play taba (a traditional game). San Antonio de Areco is a popular tourist destination in Argentina, and this particular fogón is organised for the benefit of the tourists that come here. A local restaurant supplies the meat for the asado (Argentinian barbecue), and the gauchos are happy to chat with and be photographed by anyone that comes along. They were a very friendly bunch of people and most of them belonged to the same family.

I took photos of the gauchos, and also looked for details. I liked this stirrup on one of the horses, the texture, the shape, and the sheer hand made orginality. It’s a beautiful, but functional object. It also looks beautiful in a black and white photo.

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