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A New Website Providing Unique Services to the Art-Interested Public, Being a Cross Between Gallery, Photoblog and Search Engine

SAN DIEGO, CA February 11, 2008 – Fine Art Photoblog announces the launch of a unique new website, offering the discerning art buyer opportunities that have so far not been available.

In the manner of a photoblog, seven internationally acclaimed fine art photographers work together, publishing a work of fine art photography daily; every day another photographer, each photographer once per week. The works will be up for purchase in two variants, targeting two groups of buyers.

In the manner of a gallery, the website will acquire and permanently display the works of seven great photographers. An extensive search interface completes the offer, providing capabilities to search for artists, keywords, and certain characteristics of the photographs (horizontal or vertical orientation, colors, etc.).

Right from the start, all works will be available in two qualities:

  • as high-quality but unsigned prints from printing services such as or (at the discretion of the photographer). These are printed in sizes and on papers of the customer’s choice. They are shipped matted, framed and glazed, according to the customer’s wishes.
  • as definitive and collectible signed prints of the highest quality available called The Work. In case of digital prints, The Work will be available in only one size, perfectly fitting the characteristics of the image and printed on exquisite fine art paper of the artist’s choice, either by the artist himself or by a fine art printer under the direction of the artist. The Work is the unique expression of the artist’s creative power.


Fine Art Photoblog was created and is owned by fine art photographer Brian Auer (San Diego, CA, USA). It is a collaboration with fine art photographers:

  • Neil Creek (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Andrew Gibson (La Plata, Argentina)
  • Andreas Manessinger (Vienna, Austria)
  • Cody Redmon (Livingston, MT, USA)
  • Joseph Szymanski (San Francisco, CA, USA)
  • David Ziser (Edgewood, KY, USA)

Fine Art Lovers

These are the folks who have helped jump-start the Fine Art Photoblog by telling their readers about our new site and giving us some exposure to a wide array of individuals. Many of the people behind these websites are, themselves, art and photography enthusiasts. From all of us here at the Fine Art Photoblog, we are sincerely thankful for their support. We’ll be updating this list over the course of our first week as a photoblog.