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Tarabuco Market, Bolivia . . .     by Andrew Gibson

Tarabuco Market, Bolivia
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Every Sunday the village of Tarabuco has a market which is aimed at both tourists and local people. Tourists come by bus from Sucre and the people that live nearby come by bus or by foot from the nearby mountain villages. Generally, Bolivia’s indigenous people don’t like to be photographed, but in Tarabuco’s market some people will ask you to take their photo in return for a few pesos. This woman, dressed in traditional clothing, was one of them.

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  1. Great portrait! Actually she doesnt look old behind this crinkels. She has prying and vital eyes and there is something waggish in her expression. Good contrast and toning!

  2. Great Shot. Reminds me of that famous picture on the National Discovery Magazine from years back.

    Reminds me that Grandmothers in any culture are care takers and live to love. You can see in her expression that she has a warm heart and my guess is she lives to serve her family.

  3. Great Great piece of art. Love the wrinkles and the way all her emotions are in her face. Reminds me of an exhibition in Paris i visited recently where they had cultures from all over the globe on huge canvas prints. Please put more up.

  4. amazing shot! well done lighting and post production sepia toning. it work rally well. The expression on her face says it all!

  5. Wow, the water in her eye really catch’s and pulls your eye into the shot.


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