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Moving With The Music . . .     by Brian Auer

People dancing at a drum circle in Venice Beach, California.
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A shot straight into the sun capturing people dancing at a drum circle in Venice Beach, California.

Signed prints available for $590 USD. Available at any size up to 36" x 36" on glossy paper, not matted or framed, limited to 40 prints.

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  1. one of the most powerful photograph….
    it went straight in… the vagueness…the pose of the lady….the blurred heads…and above all the sunlight…
    but the lady is THE IMAGE….wonderful portrayal… one would find it very difficult to make some model stand like that..
    i always liked photography when it captures moments….
    seems like u have a thing with over exposures…mexican bustop was good…
    the foot at beach was cliched but yet crisp….a freshness…
    and the manequin at venice…very good…the keyhole on the broken arm seems to say a lot….\
    good work…keep it up!!
    with peace

  2. I really like this picture. Very outside the frame. It makes the viewer want to see more. I like the softness.


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