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Orange Leaf, from the series Understory . . .     by Guest Contributor

Orange Leaf, from the series Understory
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Guest contribution by Kristin Giordano

Understory is a series of botanical photographs I have been making in the Pacific Northwest. The series is an exploration of the forest floor, using a vintage twin lens reflex camera and macro lenses that create a surreal landscape that plays with scale, focus, and composition. The winter months in the Pacific Northwest can be difficult for landscape photographers, and I discovered that a way to overcome the challenges posed by the climate was to explore the forests of the region, which come alive in the cold, rainy months. As a photographer, I love to experiment with scale, using low angles to achieve an altered perspective for the viewer. This series takes that technique one step further, by employing macro lenses that enable the camera to record tiny details. My artistic goal with this series is to explore the interplay of light, color, and composition. Portions of the images fade into soft focus, I often leave the center of the image hazy and out of focus. This metaphorically alludes to our inability to grasp the nature of reality, and hints at mystery and the unseen at the center of our experience of the world as filtered by our senses.

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