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Wide Open . . .     by Brian Auer

Para glider riding the updrafts from the cliffs of Black's Beach.  The town of La Jolla is marked by the point extending into the sea in the background.
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When the wind is just right, the skies above Black’s Beach team with para gliders and hang gliders. This particular shot was taken at a 10mm focal length (15mm full-frame equivalent) as I stood very near the edge of a 300 foot sand cliff above the Pacific Ocean. The gliders ride the updrafts as the wind comes off the ocean and shoots straight up along the face of the cliff. These thrill seekers can ride these winds for extended periods of time and never lose altitude.

The Gliderport is located on the Torrey Pines State Reserve, nestled between the beach towns of La Jolla and Del Mar. La Jolla can be seen in the background of this photo as it extends out into the ocean to form a point. And those little dots on the sand below… those are people.

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  1. Wow, this is a great shot Brian. The wide angle makes the scene expansive, and the sky is a dramatic backdrop for the paraglider. With a lens so wide, he must have been pretty close to you for him to appear that big!

  2. Thanks Neil — and you’re right about the guy being pretty close to me. He must have been no more than 20 feet out as he went by. But the lens makes it look like he’s much further out. These guys fly amazingly close to the walls of the cliff, though I’ve never seen anybody run into anything.

  3. Epic! Awesome!
    Really, great photo.
    Where can I get high resolution or wallpaper?
    I will get it to desktop.
    Sorry for my english, I’m from Russia ^_^


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  3. Nice Blacks Beach La Jolla photos

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