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Western Stack . . .     by Cody Redmon

A duotone image of light at play on some clouds over the Crazy Mountains.
© 2008 Cody Redmon. All Rights Reserved (see policies). Contact for Use.

I have been spending some recent afternoons and evenings near the base of the Crazy Mountains here in Montana. With their giant mass situated to the east and the sun dropping in the west, it makes for some of the most amazing sunset I’ve seen. However, the Bridger Mountains sit just across a valley bottom to the west of the Crazies and often produce weather that blocks those last precious rays from getting through…as was the case on this day. For about an hour the sun teased back and forth through breaks in the cover, exposing a bright ridgeline at one point, and then later provided the scene for today’s image.

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  1. Amazing B & W and well worth the wait. It has a volcanic look.

  2. Thank you, John, I appreciate your feedback. It’s often that I go on photo drives alone because there are few people who can play the waiting game of the photographer. Some people think it’s perfectly strange stake out a scene…I think it’s just lovely. Also, interesting that you mentioned ‘volcanic’, I was just thinking about taking a trip down the chain of volcanoes through Washington and Oregon. A sign, maybe? :-)



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