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Window Bordered Border Boathouse Window with Bench Three Window Door Fire Beyond Surreal, colorful image of a Triptych found in a shop window in Vienna, Austria There’s a pawnbroker in Josefstädter Straße, just for all those photographers in need. When I recently looked there again, as always I found something. Lush and oriental. It’s not Easter yet, but the eggs are on the table Image of an advertising in a shop in Vienna, Austria. the sculpture of a baroque angel watching over the red-curtained windows of a house in Vienna, Austria A view out of a window into an indistinct urban scenery. Depth of field is so shallow, you only vaguely recognize a facade and windows, but not much more. Architectural image of a window with glass bricks, showing warm and cool light, reflections on the wooden floor and a black window frame The Alfred Nicholas gardens are a popular public garden in the Dandenong ranges in Melbourne, Australia. The charming old boathouse sits nestled beside a picturesque lake surrounded by lush vegetation and ancient trees.