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Mistery Suncatcher Guest contribution by Arnold Garza It was May 21st, 2010 and I was on a trip to Washington D.C. As I was walking past the Washington Monument, I was captivated by the light of the sun, the silhouettes of strangers and the massiveness of the monument. The trees didn’t take away from the experience either. [...] Image of a sunset in Fažana, Croatia, showing olive trees in a garden. Creep in the Water Once I Walked In The Sun People dancing at a drum circle in Venice Beach, California. Beach sunset at Torrey Pines State Beach exhibiting purple light reflecting off the water. Cross processed film photo of a lifeguard station at sunset on Huntington Beach, California. A hot day at the beach with the sun blazing. The sun sets on the iconic Australian seaside rock formations, the Twelve Apostles, casting a golden glow under a stormy sky. Para glider riding the updrafts from the cliffs of Black's Beach.  The town of La Jolla is marked by the point extending into the sea in the background. The striking ochre limestone pillars of The Pinnacles in Western Australia glow by the light of the setting sun, in this 360 degree panoramic photo. Photo from the Painted Desert in Arizona with a small mountain below stunning sun rays in a bright blue sky A golden sunset behind a fleet of fishing ships on a misty river. Colorful photo of the Arizona Grand Canyon at sunset