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Artists Feminine Soul Lying Here Watching The Sea Poppy and Fence Beautifully Ordinary Missing A Touch of Red A Different Drummer Semper Oper Orchestra Firework Chrysanthemum Just an ordinary stop sign. Red Bubbles An abstract look at a boat reflected in the water. Decorative red glassware A shrine outside someone's house in Venice, Italy. Three dead oak trees and a sunset at Salton Sea I love the brilliant colors in this image and the almost Surreal Desert I made this image at the Cincinnati Zoo. It was Spring and the flowers were in full bloom - it was truly simply gorgeous. Abstract photo of colorful glass vases. the sculpture of a baroque angel watching over the red-curtained windows of a house in Vienna, Austria Beach sunset at Torrey Pines State Beach exhibiting purple light reflecting off the water. Rose Red an image of an apple tree and flowers, shot with extremely shallow depth of field An extreme close up of a strawberry, revealing the wonderful details of nature, including vivid color and the life process. This fruity image is a bright and colourful way to bring a smile to your face!