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Beauty Of Flower Lying Here Watching The Sea Long exposure taken after sunset Three dead oak trees and a sunset at Salton Sea Anemone In Blue The summer sun sets on the dry grass fields and native forests of country Victoria, near Mansfield. A lone fencepost stands beside a winding gravel road, passing through the countryside. I love the brilliant colors in this image and the almost Windflower Fragments The Illusion Beach sunset at Torrey Pines State Beach exhibiting purple light reflecting off the water. an image of a cart used by postmen in Vienna, Austria, standing lonely on the street Detailed macro of a purple tulip on a black background. A close up macro photo with creative depth of field blur of a yellow and purple spring flower. Abstract of a candy dish lid against an orange and purple background. How I turned a plain silver photo into a vibrant, bold, and colorful artistic piece.  Photoshop methods were key, and LAB color adjustments did the trick. The golden morning sun rises on the gorgeous Church of the Good Shepherd by Lake Tekapo in front of the Southern Alps of New Zealand.