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The summer sun sets on the dry grass fields and native forests of country Victoria, near Mansfield. A lone fencepost stands beside a winding gravel road, passing through the countryside. 302 Abstract photo of colorful glass vases. A beautiful brown duck feather floats upon mercury like blue water reflecting the sky in a rocky creek which flows through a suburban forest park. Bikini Girl Lifeguard station on an almost empty beach at Huntington Beach, California. When everything around you breaks down, you don't see it. It's often closer that you even think. Blood Red Heart A close up macro photo with creative depth of field blur of a yellow and purple spring flower. Simple white church top against a clear blue sky. Red Vespa, Coloñia del Sacramento, Uruguay Art sign on a blank white wall with vignette applied to the minimalist image. How I turned a plain silver photo into a vibrant, bold, and colorful artistic piece.  Photoshop methods were key, and LAB color adjustments did the trick. A high key macro closeup of a delicate pink sakura, or cherry blossom flower. Steps and wall paneling processed for contrast between subjects.