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The summer sun sets on the dry grass fields and native forests of country Victoria, near Mansfield. A lone fencepost stands beside a winding gravel road, passing through the countryside. Cross processed medium format photo of the metro station at Hollywood and Highland. A beautiful brown duck feather floats upon mercury like blue water reflecting the sky in a rocky creek which flows through a suburban forest park. Macro detail of an orange calla lily against a black background in the shape of a female figure. When everything around you breaks down, you don't see it. It's often closer that you even think. Dyed in the Milk Man sitting at a bus stop reading a newspaper in Monterrey Mexico The sun sets on the iconic Australian seaside rock formations, the Twelve Apostles, casting a golden glow under a stormy sky. Steps and wall paneling processed for contrast between subjects. Night image of bending tramway tracks on a street in Vienna, Austria