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Simple white church top against a clear blue sky. Black and white photo of small mushrooms in the grass from a ground level perspective. Dyed in the Milk People standing under a hut overlooking the beach and ocean in La Jolla, California. Plant with interesting radial symmetry and bright green color. Man sitting at a bus stop reading a newspaper in Monterrey Mexico Some of the rides at the Seaside Heights boardwalk on the Jersey shore. Aerial view of the Sedona Ridge in Arizona Art sign on a blank white wall with vignette applied to the minimalist image. The spectacular southern night sky spins over the picturesque church of the good shepherd, with thousands of stars spread out over a wide field. A simple vine growing along a local neighbor street in Cabo San Lucas How I turned a plain silver photo into a vibrant, bold, and colorful artistic piece.  Photoshop methods were key, and LAB color adjustments did the trick. Woman walking on a sandy beach with a focus on the feet and their reflection. A high key macro closeup of a delicate pink sakura, or cherry blossom flower. Para glider riding the updrafts from the cliffs of Black's Beach.  The town of La Jolla is marked by the point extending into the sea in the background. The Alfred Nicholas gardens are a popular public garden in the Dandenong ranges in Melbourne, Australia. The charming old boathouse sits nestled beside a picturesque lake surrounded by lush vegetation and ancient trees. Haystack Rock at Canon Beach, Oregon Steps and wall paneling processed for contrast between subjects. Minimalist image of trees in winter, Yellowstone National Park. The striking ochre limestone pillars of The Pinnacles in Western Australia glow by the light of the setting sun, in this 360 degree panoramic photo. A minimalist photograph of a striking yellow rose, close up, showing vibrant natural color, delicate spiral form and beautiful petals. A golden sunset behind a fleet of fishing ships on a misty river. The golden morning sun rises on the gorgeous Church of the Good Shepherd by Lake Tekapo in front of the Southern Alps of New Zealand.