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The summer sun sets on the dry grass fields and native forests of country Victoria, near Mansfield. A lone fencepost stands beside a winding gravel road, passing through the countryside. Lifeguard standing watch over Blacks Beach in San Diego. Old abandoned barn on the Washington Palouse. Surreal Desert Abstract photo of colorful glass vases. This image was made early one chilly Spring evening in Brenkenridge, Colorado. The colors were void of any warmth and the view almost made you shiver to be there. I love the tonalities of the scene. Beach sunset at Torrey Pines State Beach exhibiting purple light reflecting off the water. The Sprite Sun rise over Kent Gate, Quebec City. A beautiful brown duck feather floats upon mercury like blue water reflecting the sky in a rocky creek which flows through a suburban forest park. Cross processed film photo of a lifeguard station at sunset on Huntington Beach, California. I made this image while we were cruising the Manzanillo beach one morning while riding our ATVs. Blood Red Heart Fork and knife on a colorful table cloth in an outdoor dining area. A beautiful scene after sunset with the glow of the evening about to bow to the night sky. A magical, lush photo of a gorgeous New Zealand mountain river near Milford Sound. Simple white church top against a clear blue sky. Abstract of a candy dish lid against an orange and purple background. A beautiful rich blue bird of paradise taken in Mexico. Dyed in the Milk Some of the rides at the Seaside Heights boardwalk on the Jersey shore. How I turned a plain silver photo into a vibrant, bold, and colorful artistic piece.  Photoshop methods were key, and LAB color adjustments did the trick. Abstract photo of an ornate chair outside of a coffe shop in San Antonio de Areco. The sun sets on the iconic Australian seaside rock formations, the Twelve Apostles, casting a golden glow under a stormy sky. Para glider riding the updrafts from the cliffs of Black's Beach.  The town of La Jolla is marked by the point extending into the sea in the background.