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This deserted barn is on a piece of property that was bought out by the province to make way for a new freeway not far from, and just behind the barn. The home was relocated but the barn and outbuildings were left behind. On a very cold day this winter, I went out there at [...] Black and white photograph of the 22nd Street Cal Train Station in San Francisco, California. Black and White photograph of an English Walnut farm in the Central Valley of California. A high key macro closeup of a delicate pink sakura, or cherry blossom flower. A young boy rides his bike along the road leading to the migrant workers camp where he and the rest of his family live during the Central California grape harvest. The striking ochre limestone pillars of The Pinnacles in Western Australia glow by the light of the setting sun, in this 360 degree panoramic photo. Cafe de la Presse, San Francisco, California. One of San Francisco’s hot spots for café fare and international literature with an old style Parisian-inspired atmosphere just off Union Square. There are really only 3 reason to go to Cafe de la Presse, the coffee, which is second to none, the cheap entertainment of lost tourists [...] A minimalist photograph of a striking yellow rose, close up, showing vibrant natural color, delicate spiral form and beautiful petals. A golden sunset behind a fleet of fishing ships on a misty river.