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Neil Creek is a visual person, with a keen affinity for beauty. He is driven to capture sights and emotions that move him, so that he can move others who see his photography. He has a thirst for knowledge, and is always looking to improve his skills and add new techniques to his repertoire. He is especially passionate about panoramic photography, macro photography and pushing the boundaries with experimental and abstract photography. As he pushes photography in an artistic direction, he also continually hones and refines his professional photographic skills, especially portrait, product and travel photography. His web site has many panoramas, and he is participating in Project 365 - a photo every day for a year - on his blog.
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The summer sun sets on the dry grass fields and native forests of country Victoria, near Mansfield. A lone fencepost stands beside a winding gravel road, passing through the countryside. An extreme close up of a strawberry, revealing the wonderful details of nature, including vivid color and the life process. This fruity image is a bright and colourful way to bring a smile to your face! A beautiful brown duck feather floats upon mercury like blue water reflecting the sky in a rocky creek which flows through a suburban forest park. A close up macro photo with creative depth of field blur of a yellow and purple spring flower. A magical, lush photo of a gorgeous New Zealand mountain river near Milford Sound. Dyed in the Milk The spectacular southern night sky spins over the picturesque church of the good shepherd, with thousands of stars spread out over a wide field. The sun sets on the iconic Australian seaside rock formations, the Twelve Apostles, casting a golden glow under a stormy sky. A high key macro closeup of a delicate pink sakura, or cherry blossom flower. The Alfred Nicholas gardens are a popular public garden in the Dandenong ranges in Melbourne, Australia. The charming old boathouse sits nestled beside a picturesque lake surrounded by lush vegetation and ancient trees. The striking ochre limestone pillars of The Pinnacles in Western Australia glow by the light of the setting sun, in this 360 degree panoramic photo. A minimalist photograph of a striking yellow rose, close up, showing vibrant natural color, delicate spiral form and beautiful petals. A golden sunset behind a fleet of fishing ships on a misty river. The golden morning sun rises on the gorgeous Church of the Good Shepherd by Lake Tekapo in front of the Southern Alps of New Zealand.