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Photos By Andreas Manessinger

Andreas Manessinger is a photographer working in Vienna, Austria who spends his weekends in Carinthia, Austria's most southern, sunny province. Since autumn 2006 he has a photoblog where he posts one image per day, and that means shot, processed and posted at the same day. His work is mostly street photography when he is in Vienna, and landscapes and rural environments on weekends, but these are no hard rules.
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Image of a sunset in Fažana, Croatia, showing olive trees in a garden. Extremely tall black and white image of a chance meeting of two people on the street Black and white architectural image taken in a shopping mall in Klagenfurt, Austria Down The Road Surreal, colorful image of a Triptych found in a shop window in Vienna, Austria Color image taken in a park in Vienna, Austria with a Lensbaby showing rose bushes covered for winter. They seem to perform a frantic ritual dance Abstract black and white image of a kitchen lamp as seen from below: a glowing globe sitting upon a spiral Winter image of a rocky cliff at Mount Dobratsch in Carinthia, Austria. Once I Walked In The Sun There’s a pawnbroker in Josefstädter Straße, just for all those photographers in need. When I recently looked there again, as always I found something. Lush and oriental. It’s not Easter yet, but the eggs are on the table High Dynamic range (HDR) image of a sundown over an autumn river in Carinthia, Austria Image of an advertising in a shop in Vienna, Austria. An evening landscape scene in rural Poland, shortly after sundown, about in the middle between Kraków and Auschwitz. Shadows of people in Vienna, Austria, gathering in front of a street sign, almost like a religious congregation Image of a children's bicycle peeking around a corner in Vienna, Austria An image of a café on the streets of Vienna, Austria, lit by the light of the early sun. She Is Still A Mystery An image of a bicycle on a street with tramway tracks in Vienna, Austria Pre-Dawn Bike Image of a mysterious architectural structure. An image of a group of bicycles on a street in Vienna, Austria A night image of two people on the street, unrelated, going on, and there, in the background, in white letters on red, the words An image of one of the shiny, metallic new tramway trains in Vienna, Austria the sculpture of a baroque angel watching over the red-curtained windows of a house in Vienna, Austria an image of an apple tree and flowers, shot with extremely shallow depth of field