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Red Bubbles . . .     by Guest Contributor

Red Bubbles
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Guest contribution by Carlise Azmitia

This was done using oil, overhead light and colored water.

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  1. Breathtakingly alien. Great image.

  2. Thank you so much, Andreas! Means a lot coming from you!! I thank Fine Art Photo Blog for wonderful opportunity!! :D

  3. Great color. Nice job Lise! This is a great site isn’t it!

  4. Thanks, Will! This is a great site, lots of inspiration!!! Thanks for the rec!

  5. Great image, a beginner photographer like me still need time to do so :)

  6. Thank you so much Esmeralda! I still have lots to learn and am looking forward to do so, too! ;)

  7. Hi There, I am student majoring in photography. Can you tell me exactly what sort of oil you used. I have to experiment with light & movement and I need to keep this close to home so your advice & thoughts would be greatly appreciated. This is amazing

  8. Hi Trina! I used regular cooking oil, either vegetable or canola. I have used smelling oils before but found the cooking oil to be thicker. This was done in my kitchen on the floor with the overhead kitchen light shining down which caused the light circle. A little red food coloring and kept the white balance warm and that’s it. Hope this helps. Thank you for liking this and good luck with your photography!! :D


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