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Dyed in the Milk . . .     by Neil Creek

Dyed in the Milk
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Sometimes the simple things can be the most impressive. All that was needed to make this image was a shallow pan of milk, a few drops of green and blue food dye, and a toothpick to swirl them together. This simple, abstract image shows a critical aspect of nature – fluid dynamics – which affects our lives whenever we drive a car, cook, fly read the weather forecast or participate in many other activities. The patterns you see here can be seen throughout the universe, for example in the clouds of Jupiter.

This simple analogous colour scheme is fresh and lively, and its abstract nature will work in any decor. This print would work well in a spring themed design.

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  1. Love your work Neil. Images similar to your work i have saved from visualisations created in /from music players. Not only can solid objects create images but also sound!! you may wish to check out G Force from SoundSpectrum. it is the best music generated visualisations in my oppinion. You can also have your pictures running in the background extracting the colours into the visualisations. check it out. Cheers


  1. Dyed in the Milk Print Available

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